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Community Based Instruction
Allow Richmond Autism Connection to develop supports to help your child be successful and independent in his or her community. Whether its learning to ride the bus, accessing the pool at your community center, or grocery and clothes shopping we can help your child learn the skills necessary to be as independent as possible when he's outside of your home. 
Transition Services
Transitions can be a scary time for children and their parents. At Richmond Autism Connection we are here to make sure you and your child are prepared for the next stage in life; whether its going to preschool or entering the workforce, we can develop transition plans that are right for you.
Don't See What You Are Looking For?
At Richmond Autism Connection, we recognize that every child with autism and every family is different and has unique needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any reason if you think we can help in a way that is not listed above.
Corporate and Business Services
From small start-up operations to large scale enterprises, Richmond Autism Connection offers consultation ranging from marketing products and services to people with autism as well as integrating employees on the autism spectrum into your workforce. Let Richmond Autism Connection help your business experience the benefits of catering to and hiring individuals with autism. As a DARS community support specialist, we offer on-site training for people with autism within your existing company. 
Specialized Employment Opportunities  
Richmond Autism Connection aims to create a 21st Century work environment that caters to the needs of its employees with autism spectrum disorders. Many people on the spectrum offer unique skills to their employers such as attention to detail, exceptional memories, and a talent for excelling at repetitive tasks; however, they are chronically unemployed or underemployed due to social barriers. By developing a client base of Richmond companies in need of data entry, quality assurance, and other time consuming tasks, adults with autism will join the workforce in a capacity that suits their individual skills and interests.

Richmond Autism Connection possess a National Certificate in Employment Services from The Association of Community Rehabilitation Educators to provide employment services to adults with disabilities. As a DARS vendor, we provide adults with the skills necessary to thrive in any workplace. Check with your DRS counselor today to see if our services can help you meet your career goals. 

Specialized Employment